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April 6, 2017   


Democratic Candidate Qualifies for Ballot in 67th District of the Virginia House of Delegates

 Centreville, VA –Statement from John W. Carey of Centreville, VA, on candidate certification for the Democratic primary for the 67th District in the Virginia House of Delegates:

From a young age, I was immersed in Democratic values and public service, and for 12 years I’ve been fighting for progressive change legislatively and through grassroots political action with a proven track record of results.

I’ve mobilized Virginia People For the American Way members to fight against efforts to undermine our public schools with voucher programs; opposed efforts to undermine a woman's right to make decisions about her own body by working with allies in Richmond to fight against legislation that would set us back; and helped to create the Election Protection program in Virginia, which increased turnout for a special election and informed voters about their rights. The program has since gone national with hundreds of volunteers.

I’ve also helped create America Votes, so our broad coalition of progressive allies can coordinate efforts better; rallied support for the passage of the Affordable Care Act by organizing grassroots actions in key targeted states and generating media coverage for voices in support of expanded health coverage; and helped to ensure that the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has teeth to protect consumers from predatory lending by coordinating constituency phone calls and emails to members of Congress demanding accountability for the Great Recession and providing a counterweight to Wall Street lobbyists in media coverage.

We must not simply be the party of opposition, but one of action. I will demonstrate with enthusiasm and conviction that our politics are morally sound and that they put our communities first. I am prepared to visit every corner of the 67th District to make the case that I am uniquely qualified to be the Democratic nominee to win in November.