I believe in raising the minimum wage, to a living wage of $15 per hour. I support improving labor working conditions for all Virginia Workers. As a stay at home dad for 4 years, I support accessible childcare and paid family leave.

I believe in investing in our transportation infrastructure, our community college system, and clean and renewable energy.

Health Care

I believe in Medicaid expansion to allow 400,000 Virginia families the ability to have health care. Medicaid covers mostly seniors in nursing homes with disabilities, pregnant women, children and working families.  Every dollar Virginia spends is matched by federal funds. That means $2.6 billion/year – 26,700 and $85.2 million in tax revenues.


 I believe in strengthening our public education system. I want to improve our education system by improving access to higher education and pre-K-12 education. I also believe in full-day kindergarten in Loudoun County.

We must undo the changes to the SOQ formula that legislators enacted because of the Great Recession. These include, more funding for office equipment and staff travel, removing the cap on the number of support staff, and adjusting the formula for inflation.  Additional changes include, revising the projected lifespan of school buses and increasing support for Virginia’s Class Size Reduction program.

The General Assembly must lead by example and provide the needed boost in teachers’ salaries. The benefits of paying competitive salaries are undeniable, better teacher quality leads to improved student performance and better salaries yield better recruits while being more competitive with other professions and finally, we can retain better qualified teachers.

The investment in high quality pre-K will save us money down the road.  We know that fundamental learning is established in early years and pre-K provides a smoother transition to kindergarten and helps identify learning concerns early, helping to decrease the achievement gap for high-risk students. Furthermore, we must work with more local schools and use pediatricians in our efforts help spread information about the importance of quality pre-K.


 I believe in public transportation and creative ways to alleviate our traffic congestion. The Transform 66 Outside the Beltway project is a step in the right direction. As a life-long commuter, I support a dedicated funding source for metro, we must use more express buses between current metro stops and park and ride facilities. We must also advocate for modern technology like autonomous vehicles


 I believe in universal background checks, closing the gun show loophole, and I believe in revisiting the assault weapons ban.

Non-Partisan Redistricting and Voting Rights

 I believe in non-partisan redistricting. I think that the Virginia General Assembly needs to adopt this. As Delegate, I will fight for this.  

I believe in no excuse in-person absentee voting and expanding eligibility for Virginians to vote absentee for childcare givers and those that lack reliable transportation.


I believe Virginia should be a leader in renewable and clean energy. We must invest more in clean, renewable sources of energy by increasing investments in research and development. We must allow people more control over their energy need and encourage more energy conservation. We must do more to rein in energy company monopolies and I took a pledge in my campaign to not take money from Dominion Power.

Reproductive Rights

 I believe in a women’s right to make decisions about her own body.

Campaign Finance Reform

I believe in a ban on the personal use of campaign funds and cap on campaign donations. We need to build on the 2015 ethics law.

Criminal Justice Reform

I believe in ending the school to prison pipeline, which includes raising the larceny threshold, which hasn’t changed since 1980 ($200), expanding access to DNA evidence and working with local law enforcement to strengthen bonds with the local communities.

Collective Bargaining

I believe Virginia should be more of a worker friendly state. I am very supportive of workers’ rights, including getting rid of the right-to-work law. We have been presented with a false choice, we must not be hostile to worker rights and the right to organize is a powerful counter-weight to corporate interests, especially in the workplace.